Another Reason Why Barbies Matter...#AspenStrong

I am sitting here today, in shock and in complete sadness. On Good Friday, a very dear friend of mine found out her sweet baby girl has leukemia. My heart broke in a million little pieces for Courtney, for her husband, and their family, when I found out. Today, they start their battle against this monster that has invaded their sweet baby girl.

You see, Courtney is one of the Co-Founders of the Grand Strand Down Syndrome Society with me. Courtney's little boy, Koby, and ME, connected us because of their little extra chromosomes. Koby is not much older than ME, so we were walking this journey, as new moms with little ones with Down syndrome, together, when we met.

And together we founded the Grand Strand Down Syndrome Society.

I can still see us, in my living room, working on the by-laws. There we were, sitting on the floor, with our babies crawling on us, and kids running all around us. My five were all still at home, so they got to know Ms. Courtney and Koby very well. Our families worked very hard to get everything up and running in time for the golf tournament that was being hosted by my husband's paper mill on behalf the GSDSS.

We had lots of laughs during that time. It was amazing the funny things that would happen that would get us laughing so hard we were nearly crying.

We shed some tears too. ME and Koby each had open heart. Koby's was right away, before I knew this sweet family. ME's was just before Courtney and I met. So, thankfully, we each had this very scary event behind us.

That is, until Courtney called me one day, in tears. The procedure that was done on Koby, was going to have to be re-done, due to a complication.

I promised her I would sit by her side every minute of that surgery, and for as long as she needed me. And I did.

Koby got through his second open heart, with much success, and we continued to build support for new parents through the GSDSS. We planned mom's night outs, dreamed of the programs we could offer new parents, and planned the golf tournament that was being hosted on our behalf. Everything was ready to go! All we had left to do, was to wait for the date of the event to get here!

That is, until I got the call from my husband one afternoon, telling me we would be getting transferred.

It was a complete surprise. It was much sooner than we ever thought.

I had to make a call I did not want to make, and let Courtney know. I was not only moving, but also, I would not be there for the golf tournament, that we were both so excited about. A lot of people stepped up at that time, including our mutual friend, Sharon, who was our third co-founder. So Courtney was in good hands. But I was sad I would miss this, and not be there by her side.

They pulled that day off, and the GSDSS is still going strong. The money raised by that event is still helping them do amazing programming and serving parents in the Grand Strand area.

The move happened, and Courtney and I remained in touch. Thanks to modern technology, I have been able to watch Koby grow into a little man, and watch Courtney and her family grow!

ME was my youngest, and Koby is Courtney's oldest. So I have enjoyed over the years watching Courtney and her husband add children to their beautiful family.

Well, as the story starts, you know that her sweet baby girl, Koby's youngest sister, Aspen, was diagnosed with leukemia less than a month after I started collecting Barbie's for St Jude, on behalf of ME.

Now, I have another reason why Barbies matter! Her name is Aspen.

Please, if you all will, collectively pray for sweet baby girl Aspen and her family. The next three years will be a battle. But I know Aspen's mama well, and I know she is a fighter and she has a very strong faith. I know that Aspen is in the best of hands with her family and her doctors. In spite of knowing that, it would mean so much to me if you would pray for Aspen these days, as they begin their fight against cancer.

A dear friend of their family has set up a Go Fund Me page. If you are interested in helping them in that way, I have linked it here. I am sending one of ME's Barbies for Aspen to her at the hospital. I hope in Aspen's honor, I  will get many more Barbies sent my way, so I can give MANY sweet girls a little something from ME and me, when they need a Barbie by their side watching them be brave and strong.

Courtney, our family loves you dearly. We are here for you, and we will be praying our hearts out throughout this journey. We are standing with you, and sitting beside you, and believing in #AspenStrong!

Updated to add photo of Aspen and her Barbie that we sent out: 

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