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Just in Time For Christmas! Limited Edition!!

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Just in time for Christmas! 

These great gift packs are ready to be sent to the one you love! 

Lacey Hancock has signed every single Limited Edition Mug! 

Available now, in every Dreamers Licensed online store! 

***Limited number available! 

Go to to order yours!

Lacey in her art studio. Her business is called, God's Hand, Lacey's Heart. So fitting. 

Don't miss out on these great gifts! They will bring a smile to so many faces! 

Meet the Dream Team!

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I think this video says it all!

Please consider sharing it with those in your life who would be interested in learning more about Dreamers!

Thank you Katie Driscoll and Dan Goers for your incredible work on this project! Thank you for helping us share the dream!

Meet the Dream Team! from Dreamers Coffee on Vimeo.

Meet Lacey! Nashville bound!

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A little over a week ago, we introduced you to Lacey, and the beautiful coffee mug we have commissioned her to create for Dreamers! We could not be more excited about this partnership, and the opportunity to offer this mug to you just in time for the holiday season! (We will be adding it to our store soon!)

We thought you might like to meet Lacey a little more! Here she is in her fantastic art studio!
She is an incredibly talented woman, in so many ways! Art is just one of her many gifts!

We will do an interview with Lacey, and her parents, when we release the mug in our stores. (For now, you can purchase them locally from one of our 8 store owners or at the DSAM Buddy Walk October 31, in Nashville TN)

Dreamers is Nashville Bound! 

We are pleased to tell you that we will be selling this limited offering mug, along with  hot cups of coffee, (and coffee by the bag) at the Down Syndrome Association of the Mid South Buddy Walk, next Saturday, October 31.

So look for this fun coffee cart, with our Dreamers Banner on it and get warmed up over a warm cup of Java! 

About Dreamers Coffee! The vision, the goal, the mission!

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I wrote this for an organization that asked me about Dreamers Coffee. I thought hmmmm....this might be helpful for others, so maybe I need to share this on my blog as well. 

"I am very excited to share our new site, which is morphing more every day, thanks to our incredible web guru! Some know my daughter has Down syndrome. When I looked at the abysmal percentage of individuals with I/DD who are employed, 20%, I just could not sit back and wait for that to change for my daughter. The over all rate of employment for all individuals with a disability is starkly lower than the general population as well. So I started a coffee company. My plan is to hire individuals of all abilities and celebrate inclusion and diversity in the work place! 

I'm beginning this mission by giving out online stores, where I am guiding individuals and families.  I am giving them opportunity to start up and run their own business. All while I offer to help them along the way where I can. We launched our first 8 ONLINE stores, locally, about 2 1/2 weeks ago. We are adding 8 more nation wide in the coming weeks. 

I commissioned an artist last summer to create 2 holiday coffee mugs, and we released the first of the two, last Friday. It has all been very exciting."

All this to say, for those who have not yet seen it, here is my newly improved website! Meet the first 8 Dreamers!"

Day One of Dreamers Coffee

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So,  I get to reflect back on the day, and share with you what it was like as we launched Dreamers Merchants.

I started my day, about 6:00 AM with a whole lot of texts messages. I answered as many as I could. I probably missed a few, and I am going to go back tonight to see if I can answer those.

Then, at 8:00 AM, it was on to MaryEllen's IEP. I am one of the few moms in the world that does not dread an IEP. I believe in Mary Ellen's team with all of my heart. I walked in ready to hear what they are working on. I walked out knowing they know my goals. Our goals are aligned. I have peace. My husband and I are incredibly grateful for this team. They are the dream team that matters the most in our lives!

We followed up our IEP meeting with a dentist appointment. My sweet boy Nick was scheduled for a check up. Even though it was fall break at his school, he had to wake up early regardless. Off we went, all the while texts were coming in. Thankfully, our dentist has the best staff. Including Carrie Parr, who is on the Dream Team. I love how life weaves in and out of our own little worlds.

The rest of the day was spent answering texts, calls, and messages.

To quote my friend, Mary Grace, I am giddy!

Maybe,  just maybe, the world is hearing us!

I believe they are!