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Bring the Dream to Your Home Town!!

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You may not be ready to open an online store, but you want to tell the world about Dreamers! We can help you do this!! 

We will send you "Dreamers Cups" so you can take photos in your home town, and spread the word about Dreamers!! 

Contact us at to find out how you can get some cups, and help us capture the great moments that are already coming our way!! 

Oh my, I am vlogging!!! Here is info about the coffee bean!

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I am getting asked a lot of questions these days about Dreamers Coffee. So I decided it was time for me to start video taping some of the questions and answers that are most common. I think that is referred to as vlogging.  I would prefer to share with you over the phone, but in the hopes of saving some time in my day, so I can tend to other details concerning Dreamers Coffee, I am going to join the world of vlogging!

Here we go!

Our New Video Series: Tell Me About the Dreamers Blend Bean from Dreamers Coffee on Vimeo.

Oh What A Day!! The Grand Re-Opening of Clara Morgan- Licensed to sell Dreamers Coffee!!

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After many hours of work, and lots and lots of paint, Clara Morgan will be having their Grand Re-Opening tomorrow! 

Only, now, they will be selling Dreamers Coffee Brand Products!! 

Here is a sneak peek! If you get a chance, head on over there and start your Christmas shopping while you enjoy a wonderful cup of Dreamers Coffee!! 

Owner, Maria Naramore, saw me on the news sharing my dream of hiring individuals of all abilities, and that moment turned into this moment!! This, my friends, is the stuff that Dreams are made of!

Thank you Maria and Beth for believing in the dream!

As I said in the beginning, I do not know where this dream will continue to go, but I am excited to watch it grow! The twists and turns have been amazing!

Work brings dignity. Dignity matters. Are you ready? Dreamers UPDATE

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I have been fielding questions, answering calls, and sharing the mission of Dreamers Coffee a lot lately. Okay, more than a lot. A WHOLE lot!

I am not going to lie.. 

You all are fueling me.

I love hearing from each and every one of you. 

Every one of your stories have reminded me why I started sharing my message in the first place. 

I started with the simple words, "All life is precious." 

And I meant it. 

Every single life.... Is precious. 

I  am over the moon happy that the world has embraced that message. 

Now, I am asking the world to embrace these words, "Please, include individuals of all abilities in the work place." 

When ME is old enough to have a job I hope this is an out-dated issue. 

Ya all, we have eleven years to make this an out-dated issue. Are you in?

Studies have shown, overwhelmingly, that employers want to include. However, they are scared to include.

Don't be scared. 

Studies have also shown that individuals who have I/DD are some of the most reliable employees in the work force. 

So now...

Lets talk about reality. 

20% of individuals who have a disability are employed. That is not good enough. That is why I am selling coffee. I am selling coffee so I can build a company that role models what it looks like to include individuals of all abilities. I am ready for the long haul. ME will have a job when she is an adult. It is not a maybe. I am doing my part to prepare her to work in this world. I will do my part now, to create jobs for individuals of all abilities. A company, in which the general population will work side by side, with individuals who have a disability, and the whole team makes it all happen. 

Work brings dignity. Dignity matters. 

Dignity kind of rocks.  

I am ready to increase the rate of employment of individuals with I/DD, are you? 

Dreamers in the news!

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We are all so excited that Channel 24 out of Memphis interviewed us about Dreamers. Check it out!

Click here to see the story.