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World Down Syndrome Day T Shirts

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World Down Syndrome Day, March 21, is right around the corner! And we would love for you to celebrate that day with us wearing your own #Lifeisbetterwithyou World Down Syndrome Day t shirt!

This year we are going to sell our most popular colors!

This is available in Women's Fit sizes. 
This is available in both children's and unisex . 
To purchase contact your favorite Dreamer or go to our Dreamers Store and scroll down to the shirts.

Sale of these shirts will help us to continue to hire individuals in an inclusive environment.

Currently we have been able to hire for delivery, production, distribution and events thanks to all of you who support us! We would love nothing more than to continue to grow jobs!

Thank you to all of you who have purchased with a purpose! You are helping us make Dreams come true!

Tears of Joy!

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I am three plus years into my journey of opening my business, Dreamers Merchants Coffee Company.

What started out as as a Dream to open a coffee house, quickly became a reality of running a coffee company instead.

This week I worked with the three interns from the University of Memphis TigerLIFE program.

It was our second time working together, and the joy I drove away with is absolutely everything I knew it would be when I set this as a goal for Dreamers.

These three adults have done an amazing job for Dreamers already, and I am so proud to have them working alongside our team!

As I told my dear friend, Brittany, from Vantage Point Golf Center, (this is where we do production, and they sell our coffee. We are so grateful for them, and cannot recommend enough that you check out their amazing golf range!) I cry when I drive away each time from tears of joy! Absolute pure tears of joy!

The day I started Dreamers I knew I wanted an existing training program to join with Dreamers, and offer opportunities to individuals who are seeking employment.

This partnership with TigerLIFE is absolutely perfect!

And one of my goals, among many, has come to fruition.

We are employing others, while at the same time running training with those who are preparing to seek employment!

None of this would be possible without the support of all of you who are purchasing Dreamers products, both locally and around the nation.

That support,

along with the support from Brittany, Chris and the team at Vantage Point Golf Center,

and of course the support from my amazing husband and my children, is exactly what is helping us make Dreams turn into reality!

Thank you so much for purchasing with a purpose, and helping us grow the Dream! I am forever grateful!