Can We Talk Service Dogs…

 Meet ME’s service dog, Paisley Grace. 

She takes her job very seriously, just as her uncle did before her. (We buy from this line of dogs because they are exceptional service dogs.) 

She is pure gold. 

She has weaned ME off of night time meds for night terrors caused by all of the medical trauma she experienced. 

She has guided her through her PTSD for medical appointments, which were brutal for years in her catotonic state. 

She has guided her through her social anxiety following Catatonia. Grocery stores. Restaurants. Simple daily tasks. All are so much more manageable due to the support of Paisley. 

This is not a full list of duties that Paisley does. She does her job well, and takes her job seriously. 

So when a  business asks us what Paisley does, 

we say, “She does everything.” 

Fun fact… there are two questions allowed to be asked of service dogs… 

( 1) Is the service animal required because of a disability? 

The answer is simply yes. 

You are not obligated to share the disability. 

That is covered under HIPPA , the right to privacy and under ADA. 

And the second question they are allowed to ask is… 

What work or task has the dog been trained to perform?

The answer is, “The dog is a service dog and performs duties according to the patient’s  needs.” 

No need to disclose those needs. They are not allowed to ask them under HIPPA and ADA. 

If you are intimidated by a business, they have broken the spirit of the law. Report this. 

Those who abuse the system make it much more difficult for those of us who depend on service dogs for our loved ones. 

Comfort dogs are not service dogs. Though a side benefit is service animals do bring comfort as well. 

Please educate yourself on this issue, so families like ours are not the ones attacked by the system. 


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