Next Up- 10 YEARS of Medical Test Results That Were Never Disclosed To Us

What does it feel like to read 10 YEARS of medical records, with test results that absolutely pointed toward ME’s autoimmune disorder that could have been treated so much earlier?

More painful than any words can express since not one single one of these test results were shared with us, until recently. 

I will share all of what I have found out, and what medical professionals have explained to me, that helped me in our battle for her much needed care, one day soon. 

For now, I’d like it to sink in for my readers, that 10 years ago, in 2013, her medical team had data that was never presented to ME’s parents. 

Data that would have saved ME from the excruciating pain and suffering. Saved her from the battle for her much needed care plan. And saved our entire family from the medical trauma we all endured due to individuals who did not fully share ME’s test results. 

Data that was later supported by more data, 

which was also, never disclosed to us. 

One day, I’ll share those test results. 

But for now, I just simply want people to know the science was there. 

It begs the question… 

who could with hold this information, 

and, why? 

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