Next Lesson - Captive Insurance

Have you ever heard of captive insurance? 

Do you know what captive insurance is used for? 

For most, the answer is, “Why no, I actually don’t know. Can you tell me?” 

Don’t worry, I didn’t either. 

But I learned rather quickly, and I plan to teach you everything I know about Captive Insurance. Specifically the Captive Insurance plan that most of my friends and family members have no idea that it exists, in which they are covered under. More or less. 

I will delve into that more another day. 

Today,  I’d like for my readers to witness what we witnessed as ME fought so valiantly for her life. 

Yes, Catatonia can kill you. Yes, her disorder can kill you. 

This first photo is of ME during her very first catatonic crash. In which a physician ordered a CT scan, and proceeded to release her from the hospital. Full on catatonic. 

This next photo is the many faces of ME fighting for her life, before she was put on a pain plan from Boston Children’s Hospital. The pain plan worked to help her, until it didn’t. The Boston doctors made the decision to halt any more pain med increases to make sure the underlying cause was being  treated. After IVIG was successful, they kept her on the meds to ensure that it wasn’t the meds that affected her vitals. They did not, and then she was weaned! 

This next screen shot was the before oxygen, after oxygen, that was being withheld from her care plan. Oxygen, that, thanks to her Katie Beckett team, we knew to fight to get it, to supplement her oxygen that was being deprived from her brain. That oxygen was needed as we awaited approval of IVIG, her much needed treatment plan. Treatment that would save her life, which was denied by primary insurance all the way to mid December of 2022. 
The oxygen relieved her some. But pain was at the forefront of everyday that we awaited treatment. 

Soon the supplemental oxygen that was holding off  some of her oxygen desaturations, but not all, was no longer working. 

This next photo the first hand was five minutes before her much needed IVIG treatment that her team outside of Memphis was extremely confident would work! 

The second photo was two weeks after her first IVIG treatment! 

Dr. Hoy is our hero!! 

The next three photos are of her vitals that occurred day and night. So often that the alarms going off still ring in our minds! One of the many parts of medical trauma that we’ve yet to shake. 

This next photo needs no introduction! 

This is now! 

No pain meds. No supplemental oxygen except when flying and mountain climbing!!

Our sweet hero!!! ME!!! 

Truly living her best life, while recovering from denial of care! 

Why show these now? 

Because it’s important to me that anyone that was involved in the denial of ME’s care has to look at these photos. 

May these photos forever soften their heart 
and create a change in them. 

Change that leads them to be the good! 

Change that leads them to truly serve the people. 

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