“Would Your Wife Really Go to the News?”

Before we finally qualified for services from the state of TN, a “nurse caseworker” from “Cigna” would contact me concerning ME’s care, or lack there of. Often. 

Every time I turned around, our doctors’ orders were being denied by our “insurance company”. 

On one particular call, (that I took out of the house since my husband was on calls, working from home due to Covid), I was so sad. The “nurse caseworker” informed me ME was again denied care. 

I began to cry. I was devastated each time they informed me. 

I begged for help. Begged her to tell me what I could do to get the help. She clearly stated that there was nothing I could do. (Again, not true, she was obligated to tell me the appeal process. Instead she said to me, “I’d save that appeal process for the treatment she needs”  Again, coercing me to give up. Definitely against good faith laws.) 

I started bawling. I said to her through tears, “Please ask someone. Please, I’m begging.” 

I then added, “We don’t qualify for services. My husband’s income is past the threshold. The state of TN does not have Katie Beckett, and our insurance keeps denying her care.” 

I then said, “Oh my God, this is news worthy!” 

She agreed it was heartbreaking, and said she’d do what she could to advocate for us. 

We hung up. 

I waited to go inside until I collected myself, so my husband wouldn’t worry. I wiped my tears, and straightened myself up. It was not more than a few moments. But I knew I needed to take a moment. 

I walked into our house. 

Just as I walked through the door my husband’s work phone rang. 

He had it on speaker, so I remained quiet so as not to be disruptive to his call. I began to walk to another room, when I overheard this… 

“John, this is N*** C***.”

John said, “Hey N***, what’s up?” 

N*** said, “Hey, Cigna just hung up the phone with your wife. They said she said she’d call the news about your daughter’s care. Would your wife really go to the news?”

John looked at me, as if to ask me if this was true. 

I was in complete shock. 

He said, “Don’t worry. I’m sure she won’t.” 

N*** said her thank you. As if to say, we appreciate you for keeping her under control. 

I knew my place. I knew what I was just told to do. 

John hung up the phone. 

That was 2019. It was right after we nearly lost ME in November of 2019, and her recovery was going to take up to a year. Recovery that I would have to do nearly all alone, due to denial of care.  (Our “insurance” approved I believe it was 20 minutes of OT, once a week.) For a child recovering from near death, with a disorder that was not addressed fully, this was horrific. 

That was the first day of the end of our marriage… 

That was the first day that systemic denials nearly destroyed our family. 

And absolutely caused ME pain and suffering. 

Along with pain and suffering on me. 

Little did I know what was to come. 

This would be our smallest battle. 

We were just too naive to know it. 

Grover, today I celebrate you!!!!!! 

We made it baby! 

34 years and going strong! 

Happy anniversary to my forever boyfriend! 

Love won! 

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