The Lessons We Learned While Saving Our Daughter’s Life

The journey that unfolded as we fought to save ME’s life was one we never expected. We were just your average family, raising kids, working hard, and trying to bring good to the world where we could. Nothing out of the ordinary. 

Nothing out of the ordinary until, we were caught in the middle of bureaucratic red tape trying to get ME much needed care to save her life. What we witnessed during this process was horrifying and traumatic. 

Thankfully, we had people guiding us.  They helped us understand what we needed to do to cut through this bureaucratic red tape, that society had placed ME squarely in the middle of. 

As we approach the healing part of this journey, we want to help others going through what we experienced. Our hope is to educate while we tell our story. 

Follow along here as we teach, guide, and one day soon announce our book we are writing. We hope these efforts will help in our continued healing, while we help others. 

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