Dreamers Gives Back Foundation UPDATE

The last five plus years have been an incredible journey. 

We started with Dreamers Merchants- Coffee Company, which is still at the heart of what we are doing.

This company is a company in which others can sell our incredible coffee, and our team will ship out their orders.

It’s an opportunity for families to learn the entrepreneurial life, on a very small scale.
A way to empower families. 

We then opened Dream Big Cafe four years later.

This cafe was opened in honor of our daughter, MaryEllen.

For our daughter MaryEllen.

Her brother, Nick, and I, hope to continue to grow this little sandwich shop, and give ME an opportunity to learn as we grow it.

The hope is that by the time she is 18-21 years old, she has a vocation here.

A place to hang out with friends.

 More importantly, a safe place to work and hang out. 

Finally, my husband John Grover, and I saw a need while creating this future for MaryEllen.

We saw a gap.

Together, along with all of our children, we made a decision to create a foundation that would help serve the Memphis Community and beyond, and give the soft support that is needed to organizations, families, and businesses.

Dreamers Gives Back Foundation is our response to so so many people asking us for help, as we were growing a future for our daughter! 

We hope you will join us as we Dream Big and Give Back!

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