Meet the Kowalski Family

This week, I am interviewing Dreamers who sell Dreamers products!

I’m asking them to share with you their “why”!

Meet the Kowalski Family!

Mom, Laurie Kowalski, became a Dreamer and hit the ground running!

Here is what Laurie wants you to know!

“My reasons for wanting to be a Dreamer are my kids.
I’m so proud of all of them!

My daughter Kristen is the oldest.

She is an OT in Chicago and knows the importance of meaningful employment for people of all abilities.

She’s always been encouraging of her brothers and helping them to achieve their fullest potential.

Alex is 22 years old.

Charlie is 21.
They both have jobs and we are grateful for them but they are considered underemployed since they only work a couple of days per week. We hope to grow our business to where they can be more fully employed.”
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