Dreamers Gives Back Foundation

Dreamers is three plus years old.

In the last 3 years, we have learned so much...

And now we want to make sure we teach all we can with that learning.

My husband and I are excited to announce that we are creating a training program that we believe will expand jobs in the Memphis area and beyond.

We are doing this by creating a new non profit called Dreamers Gives Back Foundation.

Dreamers Gives Back Foundation will focus on training in every area we can think of related to Dreamers Coffee Company.

Our hope is that any skills taught through our training program will enable those who go through it to go back to their community with a skill set that will be helpful to  them in their future job.

For now, we will be working with the University of Memphis TigerLIFE program as we continue to create this program.

Dreamers Gives Back Foundation will be a 501c3 non profit.

We are planning our first fundraising event, and we hope you will come out and join us!

Together we will help make Dreams come true!

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One Response to “Dreamers Gives Back Foundation ”

  1. Your work is so valuable to our community at large and your neighborhood community. So excited to watch this foundation grow!