CELEBRATING Living in the Hearing World- 2 Year Anniversary- Celebrate with me! You could WIN!

June 1, 2016,  is the day that changed my life forever.

On this day, I learned that I was born severely deaf.

Everything I had ever known my entire life was about to change, in an instant.

When the audiologist told me the news, I literally went into shock.

I lived in that state of shock for about a year.

Learning new sounds that I had never heard my entire life took more work than I knew it would.

My husband and children taught me every new sound that I had never heard before.

Some sounds terrified me.

Some sounds confused me.

And some sounds made me dance like I had never danced before.

The first year of hearing I could not get enough of the sound of music.
(Yes, stealing that line! lol)

Every moment I possible could, I had music playing around me.

If I heard music in a public building, I could not help but dance. I had a few people join me! Which was awesome! Perfect strangers many times! lol

This week I am celebrating two years of hearing as well as modern technology will help me hear.

(These digital machines (digital hearing aids)  are just that, machines!)
Thank you Starkey Hearing Technology!

And I would like to celebrate!

I need a fun way to celebrate.

I mean, I could go to lunch with friends, or have a big dinner with family.

I could go to a movie, subtitles and all.

I could hand out balloons that have "I HEAR YOU!" printed on them!  lol

Dinner with my hubby and kids is this weekend, so that is already happening. (check)

But I want to have fun with this! The hard work is behind me, and I want to doing something fun to celebrate that!

I am looking for a unique way to celebrate this day with the world!

Which made me think of all of my friends who joined me on this journey these past two years!

So here is where you come in!

I will send to the person who comes up with the idea that I choose to celebrate this remarkable anniversary a pair of Dreamers Crazy Socks!

Trust me, you want these!

So y'all, start sharing ideas with me! I mean, I did this with naming rights of my hearing aids, and that was so much fun!

Get creative! My family and I will pick a winner as soon as the right idea comes our way!

PS The more fun the better! We love fun ideas!

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