Let's CELEBRATE! 3 YEARS of Dreamers Coffee!

This spring we are celebrating three years since the inception of Dreamers Merchants- Coffee Company.

It started out simply enough.

One bag of coffee.

One blend of coffee.

One family.

It began as a conversation between my husband and me.

In our backyard.

Just like many conversations begin.

I shared with my husband my dream of creating a business that MaryEllen could help me run. 

Maybe a small little coffee house. 

I wanted a safe place for MaryEllen to work when she is an adult. 

And I already knew that I did not want to beg anyone to hire her one day, as I had heard about from other families. 

We discussed that night the lessons my parents taught me about being entrepreneurs. 

We talked about MaryEllen's future and that we hoped she would be able to give back to society when she is an adult. 

I shared with him that I was dreaming that she and I could work together one day! 

That conversation was the beginning of Dreamers. 

The next day, I got my business license, and I began selling Dreamers Blend Coffee. 

Within the first two weeks many many people asked me if they could sell it too. 

I was going to open a coffee house, and now many others wanted to do the same. 

So while we worked on the coffee house location, we created another part of the business in which we would teach others the entrepreneurial spirit. 

And so it began. 

Soon we were dreaming it up!

And blends, and product lines. K Cups and Tea! 

And Dreamers! 

Soon a lot of families became Dreamers for the same reasons my husband and I started the company. 

They want to start planning for their child's future right now. 

They want that plan to be both safe and affordable. 

They too want to work along side their loved one when they are an adult, and they are growing their business now so they can do just that!



This all began almost three years ago. 

It began with a little girl, 
a big Dream, 
and a magical bean! 

Thank you to all of you who have supported  us with  your purchase of Dreamers products. 
Together, we are making a Dream come true! 

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