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A week ago I was trying to wrap my brain around a news story by CBS News in which they reported that Iceland was trying to eliminate Down syndrome. It turns out this is not true, but the story itself was so over the top in your face to those of us who love someone with Down syndrome, that it truly made me want to be ill.

At what point in American history did we decide that it was okay to discuss a group of people and a country's possible desire to eliminate them from society.

The part that threw me off course the furthest is that this documentary was actually presented as a debate between two schools of thought.

Those who believe that individuals with Down syndrome should be eliminated, and those who believe they should not be eliminated.

Make no mistake, there is only one way to eliminate Down syndrome. And you are not actually eliminating it, you are literally exterminating an entire group of people.

A small group of parents decided to offset this horrible documentary with a positive message.

Annie Reid and I began a campaign that truly was just two mamas reacting to how we felt about the documentary, and how much it hurt us to think of our daughters and the way this made us feel.

#LIFEisbetterwithyou was born in that moment.

Two moms.


Seeking a peaceful, yet powerful response.

Thank you to all of you who have responded.

It has been amazing to see all of your hashtag moments!

Annie and I hope you will keep them coming for the next 30 days!

Let's offset one story with a more amazing story!

The story is that #LIFEisbetter with our 3 girls! And apparently many other parents agree!

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