A Contest and an Introduction!

A few years ago, I became friends with a wonderful family who do not live far from me.  They are members of the Down syndrome club, and their daughter, Bethany is their golden ticket in to the club. Michaela, Bethany's mom, has a wonderful songwriting contest going that I am really excited about. 

Check out her interview I had with her to learn more and get to know Bethany and Michaela! 

Tell us about you. Where are you from?

"I grew up in Las Vegas NV. Lived there for almost 30yrs. I live in Tupelo, MS now."

Have you always been a singer/songwriter?

"I have been singing cover songs semi-professionally since the age of 17. I’ve been
writing on and off since childhood. But, considering myself a songwriter came very recently in 2015. The songwriting community is overflowing with hugely talented musicians. I’m lucky to be hanging out with them."

When and how did you become a radio and television show producer?

(laughing) "November 2014, thru a series of unplanned opportunities. (laughing even harder) I wanted to meet and work with other songwriters, Christian songwriters initially. I wanted simply to write songs with other musicians in the music room my husband and I built. 

As I started to reach out, a friend of mine who owns a Christian TV Network, suggested I create a television show. They wanted a new, younger viewing audience. I wanted to connect with other musicians. Win / Win. 

I wound up producing two shows; one featuring local Christian Songwriters and the other featuring local Christian Contemporary Musicians. 

In the meantime, I found a huge community of songwriters in NE Mississippi. I could see the potential was there to expand the songwriters showcase to include all genre’s. 

I approached MS Radio Group in Tupelo MS, November 2015 and they liked the idea. The songwriters showcase went from a 30 minute / 1x per month to an hour show every week on Z98.5 FM. 

I’m glad to say, the show is still expanding. I just launched a “live” songwriters showcase at The Basement downtown New Albany MS. The new showcase has a live audience and is recorded for radio and television re-broadcast, giving the songwriters triple exposure."

How has this affected you personally, as a songwriter?

"I’m writing songs! Hooray! My notebook of original songs is growing. The number of writers I collaborate with has become more than I ever thought possible. Every interview and every show is a learning experience. I soak it in like a sponge and I’m so appreciative of their willingness to share. I get to know and build relationships with them. I’m in love with the art form of turning your thoughts and ideas into lyrics, combining the lyrics with melody and instrumentation to make a song. The world needs music! How could any of us live without music?"

Tell us about your beautiful family.

"I have two awesome teenage boys and one super-awesome girl. 

I am widowed. My husband was a musician also. He passed away in an auto accident on the way to check out a gig. 

My daughter is the youngest and she is living with Down syndrome. She is the inspiration for the songwriting contest I just launched."

Michaela and Bethany

 You launched a songwriting contest! Tell me more!

"Michaela Compton Music, LLC has launched a songwriting contest with a specific theme. The theme being Down syndrome. Deadline for entries is March 1, 2017. Winners will be announced March 21, 2017 World Down Syndrome Day. 50% of the entry fee will go to organizations who support/benefit people living with Down syndrome and Down syndrome research."

How can we learn more and get our hands on the entry form?

Rules, regulations and entry form are available in PDF format on my website. http://www.michaelacomptonmusic.com/local-licks-songwriting-contest/

Will you be writing a song?

"I won’t be entering the contest but I am writing a song about my daughter never knowing her father. He passed when she was 2 months old. She only knows what I tell her and the photos I show her. That is the perspective I’m writing from."

Name the 3 most important things that you want people to remember about you?

"I will not waiver from believing there is God
My life has been positively affected by having a daughter with Down syndrome.

I’m in love with the art of songwriting and the community of songwriters."

What is one final thing you would like to share? 

"Diane, thank you for all you do to raise awareness and shed a positive light on Down syndrome.... All the countless hours researching and sharing to strengthen this community of lovely people. Thank you!"

Michaela, it is my pleasure. I am grateful that the world of Down syndrome created a way for our paths to cross! 

I love the work you do and your music. I hope many people hear about this songwriting contest, and many are inspired to enter. 

Information for entering the contest can be found at:
www.michaelacomptonmusic.com  or pop on over and like our Facebook page called 
BETHANY AND COMPANY https://www.facebook.com/bethanyandcompanyDS/ 

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