What do I think of the fact that I began my journey dreaming of opening a coffee house and now it is a coffee company? 

I am pretty excited about this actually! 

I think that growing our brand nationwide and sharing our dream will ensure that by the time that MaryEllen is 21 she will have a job working for Dreamers! That was my main goal the day I started to sell coffee, and I am so pleased that we are working toward that goal so beautifully! 

Immediately, I knew it was not a good idea to rush too fast into opening a coffee house. I believed this for many reasons.

One, I wanted to be sure that we could work with other organizations who are already out there doing the good work of training and advocacy.  Partnering together to advocate and share our messages with the world is the absolute best thing we can do. Together we are stronger.

Two, I wanted to be sure this company could be sustainable. We have a lot of work to do, and I did not want to crash and burn before we were able to start that work. 

So where are we one year later? 

After I shared my dream, a lot of other people wanted to join me in that dream.  So I went back to the drawing board to find a way that others could become entrepreneurs as well, and Dream along with me. 

One year ago this week, we launched Dreamers Merchants

Where are we now? 

Many people asked if they could become Dreamers. We worked very hard to make sure that we grew a team that was strong and believe in the mission. So now we have incredible team of people selling Dreamers coffee! They are joyfully sharing our mission and teaching the world that every person has a place in the world!

Families are growing their personal business's in which they plan that one day their adult children will help them operate!

Some online stores are being run by self advocates themselves.

Other online stores are owned by those who believe in our mission! They are as passionate about it as we are!

All of this is helping to make the dream come true!

For information on how to become a Dreamer click here

What else have we done? 

We have partnered with one of my absolute favorite organizations in the surrounding Chicago area, Gigi's Playhouse! Their awesome coffee house Hugs and Mugs is now licensed to sell Dreamers Coffee, and I could not be more happy! 

The list of organizations like Gigi's that we are partnering with is growing daily!

The most beautiful thing about Dreamers is that we can partner with other organizations very easily!

And we LOVE this!!

We love growing the efforts that they already have in place, while each of us grow our business's that we plan to have our loved ones run as they become adults. 

Along with the many advocacy orgs that we have partnered with,  we also have many, many other businesses who are selling Dreamers coffee to share the Dream! Every business who offers Dreamers in their stores helps us grow each of our Dreamers business's and the dream! 

Thank you to the many business's who are selling Dreamers products which is helping us grow our mission. It began with John's Pantry, then Vantage Point Golf Range, then Clara Morgan, and then Random Thoughts

It has not stopped there. Every day the list grows, and our coffee is being offered in places we had never dreamed of! 

There is more!! 

We have 7 distributors who I work with daily to grow the dream.

They are dedicated to growing their distribution business's so that they too can hire individuals of all abilities, many of them will hire their own children as they grow up and are seek employment. Like me, they plan to teach their children the business. Their children will help them run their distribution business just like ME will be helping me run the company! 

So much has happened this year and our Dream Team has grown together, stronger, and more sure of how to achieve our mission! 

I wanted to grow this company smart and strong. 

I did not want to bite off more than I could chew! 

I wanted to be sure that we are sustainable. 

So I made decisions that I believe are ensuring that! 

One step at a time! Slow to go fast! 

Thank you to all of you who are helping grow this dream! We have the best Dream Team around!! 

Oh and be sure to check out our latest article on Maria Shriver's blog!

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