Meet Our Dreamers Lizette and Lucas!

I am excited to share with you who follow me the many Dreamers that make up our growing and spirited Dream Team!

I am going to start with our Michigan/Chicago Dreamer Lizette Vasquez. 

Lizette and I met at a meet up years ago, in the Wisconsin Dells. Her little guy Lucas was a baby and I was so glad to be able to share with them and other moms of young children our journey. Little did I know that that weekend would lead us to this time in our lives, selling coffee and a mission together. 

After I started selling Dreamers coffee, many people reached out to me to ask me if they could also sell Dreamers products. One of those individuals was Lizette. To say I was excited when Lizette reached out is an understatement. 

After we both discussed what we were hoping to achieve through Dreamers, Lizette made the decision so come on as a Dreamer. Having Lizette on the Dream Team has been exactly what I believed it would be like the day we started talking to each other about that possibility. 

Lizette has been more than a Dreamer. She is a leader, an inspiration to everyone, and an incredible friend. Every day that we work together I am convinced that bringing Lizette on to the team is one of the best decisions I have ever made with this company. 

Lizette's motivation is her sweet son Lucas. 

Lizette's dream for Lucas mirrors my dream for MaryEllen. Like me, Lizette is building her part of Dreamers so that one day Lucas can help her run her business. 

Lizette has gone from being a Dreamer Online Store Owner, to now a distributor for Dreamers. 

With every sale of items from Dreamers, we are greatly increasing the opportunity for jobs created in the Michigan/Chicago area. 

Lizette has worked tirelessly to partner with organizations that are working on the same initiative. 

Most recently, due to the her efforts, she has made one of our dreams come true. Gigi's Playhouse and Dreamers Coffee will be partnering together in a match made in coffee heaven! 

Dreamers could not be more proud of this partnership. We believe that our goals align so beautifully, and that together we are stronger! 

For Lizette, it was a moment that brought tears of joy to her eyes. 

Immediately after all of the papers were signed, officially signaling our partnership, Lizette sat in her car and reflected for a moment on what this meant to her. 

Since we are all miles apart, we do a lot of our conversations through video conferencing and often times texting. On a text with me and another Dreamer from Texas, Lizette poured out her heart when she said this in a text to us, 

"I was a first time mom who was told my baby would have Down syndrome, I was scared, and somehow had the courage at 7 months pregnant to walk in my first Gigi's walk and I had no idea what to expect...and to be here today, crying these happy tears and helping our dream... my head is spinning. It really is."

Lizette's journey had come full circle. On September 14, 2016, Lizette and Hugs and Mugs agreed to a partnership. But so much more happened in that moment. In that moment, a mom, who is fighting for her child's future, felt the beginning of her dream matter to the people who guided her through her new journey. She has taken on this dream with the same passion as the founder of Gigi's Playhouse, Nancy Gianni. The same passion that most of us have when we hear the words, "Your child has Down syndrome." The same passion that started Dreamers in my heart and has made it grow to this point.

I am proud that Lizette and Team Lucas are on the Dream Team! You see- together we are stronger! 


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