How Did A Wedding Bring Back a Rush of Memories From My Life? All You Really Need Is Love!

This past weekend my nephew married the love of his life.

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There is nothing like a wedding to remind you that love conquers all.

There were so many moments at this wedding that took my breath away.

Being allowed to participate in the joy that Matt and Cait share topped them all.

Seeing two people who are best friends commit to being together for the rest of their lives makes my heart soar with joy every time. Even more so when it is one of your baby nephews!

Then there are the ceremonial touches that are decided upon months in advance because they brought meaning to the bride and the groom. On this day they bring lessons to all of us!

Weddings connect us!

They are so much more than the actual wedding. Though that is the most important part of the day. There are residual effects of a wedding that happen along the way.

Let's be honest, every time you attend a wedding, you can't help but be reminded of all of the love that has surrounded you all of your life as well.

They are an opportunity for family and friends to also recommit their love to each other.

It is a moment to reflect on the people in your life who have supported you and believed in you, just as everyone is doing by giving love and support for the bride and groom.

It happens almost effortlessly to all who are attending, as you hear the vows and the passages that are meant for the bride and groom, but by default meant for all of us in attendance as well.

There were so many moments that this occurred during my nephew's wedding.

It even came from some surprising places.

Like when my niece opened up to me the night before the wedding about my hearing loss. She shared that all her life she loved hearing my "sweet gentle" voice. She told me it was so kind and loving.

Four months ago, I would have fallen over in laughter.

I had tried to convey kind and loving through my words and actions, but my voice sounding that way, this I would never have known.

As I have said in previous posts, in my world, my voice was deep and gravely.

It was like I was learning about another person as she described my voice she heard as she grew up and what it meant to her.

I don't think anyone else has done this to date.

Lots of people say I sound exactly the same now, but no one has actually shared their memories of who I was when I did not know I could not hear my own tone of voice.

It was heartwarming and overwhelming.

It is heartwarming to know they heard me, heard my heart and voice, and they were comforted by it.

It was overwhelming to hear their side of my journey.

The entire weekend brought memories rushing back. Memories of times with my family and our friends, that for many, this was the first time I heard their "real" voice as well.

The love extended to me this weekend, by all of my nieces and nephews and family, reignited in me the joy I always feel by knowing I am loved unconditionally by them.

Without any of us knowing it, my family showed that to me my whole life when they accepted me just as I am, even though none of us knew life's secret that I am severely hearing impaired.

Then there is that best moment of a wedding weekend.

The moment when you get to take a walk with someone you admire, and trust, and love.

When my big brother asked me to take a walk with him I was happy to oblige.

I enjoy his company and quite honestly I adore him.

But this walk was more than that.

We talked about both of our hearing impairments.

We talked about the fact that 4 us (siblings) have our/a hearing loss.

We shared what our journeys have been like.

He shared with me that when he was young, and he would lay down to go to sleep, he would roll over on his good ear and voila, the world quieted down.

We talked about how I do not have a good ear, which is why my hearing loss was missed by so many.

We talked about the fact that we can both hear voices, but not tones. And not all voices well. So we both utilized lip reading our whole lives.

It was the first time I have spoken at length, about our hearing loss, with a family member who is like me. It was so good to talk to someone who understands my world so well.

And we talked about how I overcame my circumstances.

Ok, truth be told, my brother talked about that.

At that point, I soaked up all of his words, knowing right then and there, that I would reflect on these words he was saying to me for the rest of my life.

He shared with me how proud he is of me.

You see, he has lived my journey.

The only difference is that my loss was in both ears.

I never got to hear the difference between my left and my right ear.

He reminisced that years before this, he and my sister would share with each other their experiences, never knowing their baby sister was also in their club.

This journey has been very emotional. So many memories from my past have popped up over the last three months. So many pieces of the puzzle have come together.

This weekend, while celebrating the union of two beautiful souls, more pieces of the puzzle came together.

Family is who you are.

That connection to family is priceless.

And indeed, weddings have a way of reminding you how very blessed you are to be a part of a family that loves and cares about you!

They have a way of bringing families together, and while they celebrate the lovely couple, they also celebrate the love of all in attendance.

It is almost magical!

I am grateful to be the youngest of NINE beautiful caring siblings. Surrounded by the love of many incredible, kind, and compassionate nieces and nephews.  And finally the recipient of love from a mom who loves all of her children and grand children so much!

Family is who you are indeed!

Congratulations Matthew and Caitlin!

Cheers to many many happy and adventuresome years!

And to quote a favorite group of artists, "All you need is Love is all you need!"

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