Getting Fitted For Hearing Aids- June 6, 2016

After finding out I have a severe hearing loss,  I was given an appointment to rule out a brain tumor, which they said if I had one, it would likely be benign.

So in the very early morning hours of Friday, June 3,  I found myself closing my eyes as they rolled me into the machine that does an MRI.

To calm myself, I pretended like I was in a bed on a cruise ship.

I kept my eyes shut through the entire procedure.

I then went home and waited to hear the results.

That afternoon, my nurse called me to tell me that they had ruled out a brain tumor, and I "simply" had a severe hearing impairment.

They set up an appointment for me to get my new hearing aids.

At this point, I was believing them, but if I am really honest, I was still in denial.

I still did not understand what was the difference between how I hear, and how the rest of the world hears, and I was feeling uncertain if there would be much of a difference.

As the days went by, I began to notice that I have a hearing loss.

It is hard to explain, but my denial was fading, and I was beginning to realize that I cannot hear like the rest of the world.

Reality was setting in.

I could no longer not know this, and my brain was also starting to believe it.

On Monday,  I went for my first fitting for hearing aids.

Thankfully, one of my dearest friends went along with me, as I was still in a state of shock, and I wanted to be sure someone was with me who could help me sort through the decisions that had to be made.

I would have a lot of adjusting to do to the hearing world, since I was living with a hearing loss my whole life.

She explained, however, that because I had compensated my whole life, she felt I would do well.

She also said, that unlike people who lose their hearing, I would have nothing to compare it to.

She said those who lose their hearing can sometimes be disappointed that hearing aids do not work as well as they used to hear.

After explaining my choices she fitted me for hearing aids.

Now all I had to do was wait until they came in.

Part 3 to Day One of Hearing the World- Getting My Hearing Aids

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