Dreamers Update....

So much is happening with Dreamers I do not know where to begin.

What started out as a dream.... a dream of me opening a coffee house...

has now turned into a coffee company!!

I could not be more excited about the direction that this has turned.

Jobs are being created nationwide because we had a dream to create jobs locally for individuals of all abilities.

Families are getting a chance to be entrepenuaers.

And companies that are already hiring individuals of all abilities are getting a chance to sell their products through our Dreamers store owners, who are sharing their missions as well!

Dreamers is growing!

Day one I said, I do not know where this will take us.

It has been fun, scary, and exciting to roll with the punches, and grow our mission to tell the world that jobs matter.

We are on the ground, sharing the message, teaching that each and every day!

Thank you to each and every one of you who have supported us by purchasing with a purpose!

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