Does ME Sound Different To You Now?

"Does ME sound different to you now?"  is the next most asked question since I found out I have an hearing impairment.

She does. 

Had I not learned that I severely hard of hearing I would have missed out on years of my sweet girl telling me so many things. 

I am astounded how articulate MaryEllen is. I did not know this for all of these years. 

ME had so much more to say than I knew. 

Over the years I heard so much of what she was saying. We communicated beautifully.

Thankfully communication is so much more than words!

I was able to help her get what she needed, and understand much of what she was saying to me.

We were a good team! 

However, ever since I got my hearing aids, I realize how much I did not hear.

It takes my breath away!

It has been amazing.

Beyond amazing. 

So in answer to all of you who ask me if ME sounds different...

Yes, she does. 

This girl is spicy. 

She has a lot to say!

And I love it! 

Thank you hearing aids! 

I would have missed so much.  


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