But I talked to you on the phone! How did you hear me?

The third most common question about my hearing impairment is "But I spoke to you on the phone, how did you hear me?"

That is easy for me to answer. I have a moderate/severe hearing impairment in my right ear. A severe hearing impairment in my left.

So I heard your words with my right ear mostly. Thank you right ear!

Which for all my life I thought was what everyone else heard.

What did that sound like? It sounded like everyone was mad at me. Every person sounded upset. For real it did.


I could not hear the sing song of the beautiful sounds that high pitches or other pitches bring to a conversation.

Also, it is highly likely I thought I heard you say something differently than you really said. I believed what I heard you say. Which explains a lot of odd conversations I have had where things got mixed up. lol Oy vey!

I am moderate severe to severely hearing impaired, and I am proud!


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