Oh Snap! It's the Little Things

When I was a little girl I learned to wink, snap and whistle just like everyone else. I loved learning all three of those milestones.

I always thought my whistle was a fail, until last week. Lo and behold, I can actually whistle quite well. I just couldn't hear it. What was once a very faint whistle now sounds to me much like all of the birds I'm now hearing.

Snapping my fingers turned out to be hard too. I learned to snap in a fort that my best friend and I made from the tall grass in an empty lot near our houses. That night, when I went home, and went to bed, I practiced my snapping until I fell asleep. It wasn't a loud snap, but I was proud I could do it, with my right hand anyhow. My left hand was another story. I tried, but for some reason, I just could not get my fingers to snap on my left hand. 

I never gave up trying. For years, when I would go to bed, I would practice snapping my fingers! I finally accepted that I was snapping deprived in my left hand. 

As I grew up, and people would share quirky things about themselves, I would share that I was unable to snap with my left hand. 

After I got my hearing aids, I was dancing to music, and I snapped my fingers! What a shock to hear what a snap really sounds like! Not only that, but both hands could snap! 

This morning, while I was getting ready for the day, I had my hearing aids out. I decided to snap to see what I could hear.  I could hear my right hand snap, not like I hear it with hearing aids, but exactly like I heard it my whole life. 

I snapped my left fingers. Nothing. I did this over and over. Still nothing. 

So I put my hearing aids on, and sure enough, each of my different hands' snap sound different. My left one must fall into the pitches I can't or nearly can't hear.

All that practice paid off all those years. I now hear my finger snapping on both hands. 

When I snapped my fingers this morning without hearing aids, it brought me back to my childhood, in my bed, falling asleep, where I never gave up trying. 

It's the little things.

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