Serendipity! We have tea!!

A fortunate happenstance, pleasant surprise! Serendipity is definitely the term I would use to describe how we came upon our tea that we are offering through each of our Dreamers stores!

For months, I was hearing from the Dream Team that they wanted to add tea to their stores. I investigated many teas, and thought about adding a tea just so that we had the tea. But something in my heart kept saying, "Diane, the tea will come to you, in exactly the same way the coffee came to you! Be still, and listen."

Time went by, still no tea. Until one day I was getting my hair cut. Yes, you read that right.  I was sitting in my chair that I have sat in for the last almost 9 years, (Misty is the best if you are looking for an amazing hair dresser.) and she and I were talking about Dreamers. Misty has always been an incredible support to me, and I have loved being able to share my journey with her. She is a cheerleader, a supporter, and such a wonderful person.

Out of the blue, she says, "Oh wait, I want to show you something."

She returned with this darling box of tea.

I immediately said, "Where did you get that from? I love it!" 

Misty went on to explain that her colleague had a client, who has a tea company here in Memphis, and it is located in Orange Mound. Their mission is to teach the women of Orange Mound about everything tea, and create jobs for them! 

Well, I was beside myself. Of course I needed to talk to them. The tea had arrived, and I just knew this was the tea that my Dream Team needed to sell in their stores! 

After a few phone calls back and forth we finally got connected. This was all a pleasant surprise! A fortunate happenstance! Serendipity at its finest!

I am happy to announce that we are now officially distributors of My Cup of Tea tea! 

Currently we have available two options, and we are adding more daily! You can purchase that beautiful box up there, that has $75 worth of tea in it, in a variety of flavors, or you can buy this darling little quart jar sample pack. Contact your favorite Dreamer for information!

Coming soon we are adding boxes of teas, iced teas, tins of teas, and tea pots! All of their teas are premium grade! Once again, we are as proud of the product as we are the dream! All down the line, everyone is getting paid fair trade prices! This matters a great deal to us, and we are proud to tell you this!

Every purchase of these beautiful teas leads to another dream coming true at My Cup of Tea and for our Dreamers! 

Serendipity! Indeed! Wouldn't you agree?! 

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