How Do You See Me?

In the Down syndrome community there is a lot of talk about Olivia Wilde's video. 

On the front end, I want to thank Olivia for stepping out there with us. You simply rock. Thank you! Thank you for standing by our side. Thank you, Olivia, for believing with us that our children are amazing. Thank you for your voice.

It seems another amazing woman has also decided to lend her voice. 

I'd love to hear your reactions (those who follow me)  to these two videos. 

Both have a beautiful message. (Actually they have the exact same message.)

Both have amazing women advocating for individuals with Down syndrome. 

Both actually "star" a woman with Down syndrome. 
(Let's be honest, Olivia Wilde is not the star here. At least not this time.)

Thank you to both women. 

How do you see me? 

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