One of Those...

Today this happened.

I was talking to someone who asked me about Dreamers.

After I shared all of my hopes and dreams for MaryEllen, and the role she will play in helping me run Dreamers, he said this....

"We have some of those in our church."

"In fact, I think my son had one of those in his class too."

One of "those".

I guess he missed her name.

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6 Responses to “One of Those...”

  1. Tiny, powerful post... such a reminder of the mindset we are working to enlighten. Truth is, he is "one of those" who is still seeing the world through the peephole in his cave wall.

  2. One of "those"! One of "those"!!! I would have felt my fists tightening. Erin, MaryEllen, Sean, David, Jake! All my friends! I'm one of "those" because they have accepted me as their friend.
    Thank you Diane,

  3. I just cant. . .

    Ugh. Sorry you have to deal with ignoramuses like that.. we all will at one point im sure.
    Im trying to be prepared ahead of time..but how. Ugh.

  4. A knife in my heart too, Diane. You and Mary Ellen are part of the waking up of the world. Keep going.

  5. Be more like one of those....dreamers. Not the stereotypical clueless churchgoers

  6. Oh goodness, tears just poured out of my eyes. Hugs to you because there is no way it was easy to stand there and not react to such ignorance with a big ol "are you even serious right now?"