Information about the Wake ME Up blend of coffee! And BLOOPERS!! **WIN your favorite blend of coffee!**

Our Wake ME Up blend of coffee is our bold robust blend of coffee! Watch this video to learn more about it!


Trust me when I tell you, we recorded a WHOLE lot of video to finally get this one video! Hahaha! So we are sharing a few off the blooper reel with you!

And of course we have to throw in a give away with this!!

Leave a comment and tell us which blooper is your favorite. We have named them to make it easy for you!

We will put the names of those who commented in a hat and ME will chose a name on New Year's Day. ***That person will receive the blend of their choice, OR a Dreamers T shirt!***

1. "Warming up!"

It started out simple enough. ME had to get the sillies out.

2. "No words. LOL"

And then the antics began! She never ceases to make me stop laughing!

3. "Was it something I said?"

This one cracks me up, because it was almost like I insulted her! This girl! After I turned off the video, she laughed and laughed and laughed!! Oh my!

4. "Oh dear! Excuse me!"
I kind of felt like we had something going here.  Although, I was not entirely feeling like it was THE one to use to share about our Wake ME Up bean. The very end solidified that decision. Pardon us please! lol I think I laughed until I cried watching this one. Don't tell her though! Mrs. Dwyer, if you see this in class, please do not laugh! (Text me that you are laughing inside instead! I understand lol)

Wake up and dream! #jobsMatter

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3 Responses to “Information about the Wake ME Up blend of coffee! And BLOOPERS!! **WIN your favorite blend of coffee!**”

  1. My favorite is the "Was it something I said?" clip :D

  2. I love #1 but #4 is a close second! :-) Thank you for sharing all the outtakes!


  3. Suuuuuuper fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And adorable!