Dreamers Coffee House Update! FAQ's You asked, I am answering!

I am breathing in all things Dreamers. It is getting really exciting.

Though I am excited, I have to be honest. I am scared and excited at the same time.

Why am I scared? I believe in what I am doing. I believe in the mission to employ individuals of all abilities.

However, having a dream, and actually realizing that dream, are two different things.

So far, a LOT of people want to sell Dreamers coffee. This is a good thing. And a scary thing, all at once.

Setting all of that up is a leap of faith. We are working hard behind the scenes to make this happen. It is taking many hours to make the small task of letting a lot of people help us share the mission of Dreamers Coffee House, and help them become strong business owners in their own right.

So the update for now is this:
My incredible genius web designer is working day and night on getting the website set up so we can plan a launch! I am in meetings almost every day, with many many people, working hard to make this dream a reality. We are working very hard behind the scenes. Thank you for all of you who are reaching out to us, and inspiring us to keep working hard!

On the the FAQ's
The questions I get asked the most:

Are you going to open a brick and mortar? 
Yes. If I have my way, and if the many people who contact me have their way, the brick and mortar Dreamers Coffee House is a reality. I am taking this one step at a time. I have a lot of people offering locations, and offering to open the first Dreamers Coffee House. We are weeding through all of the people who are interested, and taking one big huge gigantic breath. We will walk before we run. And we are grateful so many want to be a part of the dream! But yes, a brick and mortar is the goal.

How can I (the person contacting me) run an online store,  and where can I sell Dreamers Coffee? 
We are building an online store, where anyone, and I mean anyone who believes in the dream, can sign up to run a store of their own, where they will be licensed to sell Dreamers Coffee. Watch closely for our launch date! It is going to be fun, and we are excited! Where can you sell it? You can sell it from your Facebook page, or any other social media you post on. When you sign up to be a licensed store that is selling Dreamers, you will be able to buy our coffee whole sale, and sell it where ever you go.

How/where do I sign up to run my store? 
We will announce our launch date soon! We hope to help a few non profits along they way, as we announce it. Watch our Facebook page for updates!

Will you offer more than coffee? 
We sure will! We are getting contacted by awesome companies, who are already employing individuals of all abilities, asking us if we will offer their product for sale. After we carefully test the product, (yes I plan on becoming a size or two bigger to make sure this product is awesome) we will then add the product to a Dreamers approved  vendor store, for all of our licensed Dreamers to sell.

If I run a store, can I sell Steamers Jam? 
Yes! We are working on the shipping, but yes, we want nothing more than for you to sell Steamers Jam! Every jar you sell, helps us, help Steamers to keep employing individuals of all abilities. And quite frankly their jam is yummy.

How are you managing all of this? 
I am not. lol My house is a mess. I mean a huge mess! I am doing the best I can, and counting on the small miracles each day to take me from one moment to the next. My biggest concern is making sure that my kids have what they need. Most of my kids are raised and on their own. But they still need their mom. And as most know, ME is in school at the most amazing school on earth, so I feel content about that. I do have one more sweet child, who has been more than incredible through all of this, that I have to worry about. So if I don't pick up your call, it is probably because I am taking care of him. He kind of rocks. And I would like to keep it that way!

I think that is enough for now. We are excited about what is to come. Nervous and excited. Taking this one day at a time. We believe in the dream. We will see where this takes us.

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  1. Congratualtions!! my heart is with you and your dream :) Follow your Passion and it will lead you to your purpose... that is what you are doing.. My very best to you Kimberly and Montana