How can you sell Dreamers Blend Coffee?

I am excited to share that we are going to be giving others the opportunity to sell Dreamers Blend Coffee and other products. Our team is in the process of putting on the finishing touches on the new and greatly improved Dreamers website. This site is where all of the new stores selling Dreamers products will be  listed by geographical locations.

If someone is interested in running a store,  they will sign up on the Dreamers website. The launch date will be in approximately three weeks. We will keep updating to let people know the exact launch date. 

Distribution of coffee will happen directly from the coffee roaster. If a store owner wants inventory, that they can distribute themselves, that will be easy to do too! Some who are interested, are getting others involved in their community, each being independent store owners, so they can save on shipping and buy inventory in bulk. So feel free to share within your your local community, and encourage others to sign up to sell Dreamers coffee too! 

We are currently working with seven individuals who are going to be selling Dreamers items in the Memphis area! They are helping us work through the process, so when we launch it publicly it will help us look for any issues others might have! 

If you are an artisan, or you already sell products, you can add these to your own personal online store as well. We want your dreams to be sold too! 

If you are interested in being a part of this great opportunity, start dreaming up your store name, and keep watching here for the big launch of our amazing Dreamers website! 

Anyone is welcome to sign up to have their own online store. If you believe in the mission of hiring individuals of all abilities, and will work toward doing that with your online store, this is the place for you! 

Know this, by selling Dreamers Coffee and Steamers jam, you will be immediately putting individuals of all abilities to work! Dreamers has already brought on 5 individuals who are differently abled, and ready to work selling Dreamers products that are already hiring people of all abilities! Including Steamers who already have many employees of all abilities! So we will be keeping the good people of Steamers working, while reaching our goal of bringing work to owners of our online stores. 

#theBeanThatComesWithTheDream #jobsMatter

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