Why Am I Building Dreamers Coffee House? Jobs Matter.

So tonight, we launched our online store. Dreamers Coffee House. We believe with all of our hearts that the dream of a brick and mortar coffee house will come true. So we are taking a leap of faith. We are going to sell Dreamers Coffee until we can build this coffee house! I am ready to sell coffee, hats, shirts and coffee mugs, until this dream comes true.

I believe jobs matter.

I believe that working increases dignity for every individual.

I believe that individuals who have a developmental disability deserve the same dignity as any other person out there.

I believe in Dreamers Coffee House.

I hope others will believe with me.

Jobs matter. To everyone.

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One Response to “Why Am I Building Dreamers Coffee House? Jobs Matter.”

  1. That's wonderful. Our Daryn's first job was making coffees at the All Star Cafe, located inside our local Regional Center. Now he is a business owner. Daryn's Home Run Vending.