Barbies, Coffee and Jams... Oh my!

One year ago, March 21, was the last event I did in my previous role in an organization, as an advocate, for the Down syndrome community. I celebrated this past March 21, World Down Syndrome Day, by handing out jams. We also celebrated ME's birthday, by collecting Barbies to give to St. Jude, which coincidentally, falls close to WDSD, on March 17.

When I stepped away from advocacy, I promised myself I would take one year and just enjoy my family, and let fate tell me what to do next.

Well fate has answered that call!

Dreamers Coffee House and ME's Barbies 4 St. Jude are where I will put my energy.

If you think about it, they go together beautifully as well.

The first one, Dreamers, I will work on something that I am passionate about, which is employing individuals of all abilities. The other, ME's Barbie Party 4 St. Jude, will give us an opportunity to continue giving back to the world. Spending my time working on bringing a sliver of sunshine to the children at St. Jude's is exactly how I would like to spend my energy!

My dream continues. When I do finally open the brick and mortar building of Dreamers Coffee House, I will hand out a free coffee for every Barbie brought to us for St. Jude.

I am grateful that both of these initiatives are helping others. My husband always says that ME was born for the world. We are thrilled that her one and beautiful life is helping so many!

I will leave you with one last thing.

One of the items I dropped off yesterday,  along with the Barbies, to St Jude, was a box of books. The books were sent to us by a friend of mine from Chicago. You may have heard me share about her previously. Sue Shanahan has a talent that is absolutely amazing. She illustrates children's books. You may remember that ME was chosen to be on a Christmas card a few years ago, to raise money for a loved one Sue lost a few years earlier.

Well, Sue graciously donated 60 of her books. One of them I was able to give to baby Aspen who is fighting leukemia, and the rest have gone to the children at St. Jude. If you get a chance, get your hands on this book. It is absolutely beautiful! I have taken a photo of a few of the pages, that I think summarize this post! Fate, once again, working its way through my life. When I read these pages, I smiled, thinking to myself, yes, indeed, I am going to let life direct this ship, and just follow my heart!

And finally, amongst all this dreaming, my family and I are still taking time to do this! 

Thank you Sue, for sharing the love with us, and helping us bring a ray of sun shine to St. Judes.

Today, after a long week of working on the beautiful efforts that are in front of me, I am going to take my kids to play! Have a great day everyone!

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