Coffee House Update

We are having so much fun learning from so many people, about their experience of opening a coffee shop. The information that has come our way has been amazing! 

We want to help people understand how we hope to grow this business. The best piece of advice many have given us, is go slowly! So we are! We are thinking through all the details, and that is actually fun and scary at the same time! 

Our number one goal is to employ individuals of all abilities! In order to do that for the long term, we have decided it is best that we build this to be able to sustain itself. 

We have been advised by others that jumping into owning the actual coffeehouse in brick and mortar, should be done over time. 

So to get started, we will be opening an online store that people will be able to order gifts, baskets, jams, and coffee. This will right away achieve our main goal. The jams are made by Steamers who employ individuals with I/ DD, as you might know from following our journey.  Right there we will be helping to keep them employed. Locally, we hope that distribution from the online store will be managed by individuals of all abilities as well. So this plan will get our main goal off the ground right away, while we take time to plan and dream of the brick and mortar location. 

We  have been encouraged to do it this way. Walk in, don't jump! Building this part of it is labor intensive, exciting, and scary! It's step one of the dream! 

We will let you know when the online portion of our dream is open! Right now, we are busy working behind the scenes to get that done! 

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