Cover Photos Matter!

This past year, I have written many posts that I have shared with you why something matters to me... to the world... or to both, me and the world.

I am doing that again today! 

I simply love this cover photo created by Daniel Goers of Dan Goers. Creatography

It says everything I could ever want it to say! And more!

The quote, the design, the fresh new beginning! With all of you as a part of it!! AMAZING!

I love that so many people answered the call to be on this photo, and that Daniel found a way to include each and every one of you! 

I look forward to the great adventures we will all have going forward! I am excited about my new page Diane Grover and Friends! I can't wait to see the fun things we do through that page! 

Life is indeed made for good friends and GREAT adventures! 

Thank you all for going on this adventure with me! 

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