What will you do now?

The number one question I get asked lately is, "What will you do now that are not a part of the daily happenings of the IDSC?"

Simply said, for now, I plan to enjoy the little things.

The IDSC is in very good hands which is truly a dream come true. It makes my heart so happy.

---And I am happy to be able to do the many things I have not been able to do for a very long time.

I am enjoying going to bed early with a good book.

And rising early to a cup of hot cider.

It feels so good!

I love mornings. I always have.

It is truly my favorite time of the day.

Every day promises a fresh chance at a new start.
I enjoy sitting on my couch with a cup of hot cider, and watching the day wake up!

I enjoy the silence.

 I love nothing more than witnessing the sun rise up each morning! Beaming through the trees.
 I actually have the time to do that, and that is a wonderful thing!
During the busiest years of the IDSC, I would think about having a cup of hot cider on an early morning at this sweet little table. Unfortunately, that thought came and went over the years. Now, I am reserving a table for two, for ME and me, each morning. Ahhh.... SO excited. I just have to get her to be an early riser with me... lol--- I think for now, I will let her sleep in, and take advantage of these quiet mornings to do some of the things I have not been able to do for a while.  
Like paint....
I love this table, but it needed some freshening up.
Annie Sloan and I are becoming very good friends these days. I love the way this paint covers the wood. It is so clean and fresh. 
Now for my big decision of the day--- Should I paint the drawers, or leave them as an accent? Suggestions welcomed.
I will be sure to post a photo of the finished product. I already love my "new" table. I have a feeling Annie and I will be spending many early morning hours together, watching the sun rise!

In fact, I am taking a class with my friends to learn more techniques. Stacy and Malia we are going to have so much fun!

I have not taken a class in years.

Oh the little things in life...

And of course, I plan to blog about it. lol It will be fun to share my new creations with all of you.

So welcome to my new routine. I am very grateful for all who are continuing the wonderful work of the IDSC. My heart is full knowing a good thing was started, and more amazingly good stuff will be on its way by this incredible team. All while I find my way back to my regularly scheduled life!

With much gratitude for everyone.

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