Paint-Your-Own-Piece... with Mrs. Jones and Pals

Today was the day! My friends and I signed up for a paint-your-own-piece Chalk Paint® class at Me and Mrs. Jones. And what a day it was!

First off, you walk in, and you immediately feel like you have just arrived at a party, and you are the guest of honor! 

From the fun banners hanging on the walls, to Stephanie's incredibly warm welcome, you can't help but feel like today is going to be a wonderful day!
Then you feast your eyes on all of the nooks and crannies with treasures in every corner.

Then on to the painting room, where you immediately feel your inner Monet coming out with all of the painting tools waiting for you, inviting you to roll up your sleeves, and paint your heart out!

It was time to begin our painting adventure!

Sally brought this charming painting stool that was made for her years ago by a very dear person in her life. 
I brought two accent tables that have taken some pretty hard hits over the years with all of our moves.
 Malia brought this amazing frame and easel.
And Stacy brought this really cool metal hall entry table.
Stacy is ready to go! 
I put my first coat of paint on my accent table. Stephanie recommended starting from the bottom. 
 Stacy chose a vibrant blue.

Stephanie showed us all how to bring back the guilding that is already on Malia's frame, by simply waxing it, and doing very little touch ups of guilding.
 It is an art piece all on its own and the waxing unearthed it's original beauty. Here it is partly done.
Sally stenciling her butterflies on the painting stool. 
 The end results...

I did not get a photo of Malia's easel and frame when they were done. :( They were amazing! 

And I got as far as finishing the stenciling on my tables and did the waxing at home. 

I used the dark wax to give it more depth. I just love these little accent tables now! 

Next up.... Milk paint!! Who is in? 
Thank you Stephanie, and everyone at Me and Mrs. Jones for the gift of a wonderful day of painting, learning, and enjoying beautiful friendships! This one is for the memory books!

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  1. diane, we loved having you all! thanks very much for the great review! ;)) xo