9 Years Ago Today, A Mama Knew

(This post was written on March 16, 2014.)

A mama knew...

9 years ago today I went to bed knowing that I was going to meet a little person in the morning.

We had just moved to South Carolina, and the clinic that was delivering our bundle of joy suggested we induce because of the stress of the move.

Just like "all things MaryEllen" she decided she was ready to enter the world right when we got to the hospital.

I was already in labor before they could do the induction.

It is always her time, her way.

Which I love.

However, the night before, I thought I would be getting an induction. So, I knew when I went to sleep, I would know for sure the next day what I never stopped wondering about during my entire pregnancy.

I had believed from about 7 weeks that this little sweet baby had Down syndrome.

My beautiful petite doctor from Mississippi spoke at length with me about testing, and explained there was nothing I could do while pregnant to help or hurt my baby if I did not know.

During the ultrasounds she looked closely for markers because, as she always said, "A mama knows."

I will never forget her saying that to me.

She said it again after all of the ultrasounds did not reveal what I already knew.

At my next appointment, when I told her that three days after the ultrasound I felt the lightening bolt again, that I was sure the baby had Down syndrome,

she quietly and confidently said, "A mama knows. You will both be fine."

I continued to learn all I could about Down syndrome throughout my pregnancy.

I did know, and I wanted to be ready.

When I shut my eyes that night I remember thinking to myself, "Tomorrow, I get to know for sure."

While I slept I had a dream that the baby had Down syndrome or dwarfism.

I did not know this then, but when a physician sees short limbs on an ultrasound they are looking for one or the other.

On this night 9 years ago, I slept very well.

I was excited to meet my sweet baby, and ready to learn the results of my own "prenatal testing" from my dream.

A mama knows.

From my St. Paddy's Day girl, and me, to all of you, have a wonderful St. Patrick's Day tomorrow. It is always a special day here at the Grover's house!

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5 Responses to “9 Years Ago Today, A Mama Knew”

  1. Happy happy birthday, ME!!! So very very blessed that your mama knew, and that she was right, since your something extra led to me meeting her. One thing I know for sure is that little extra leads to BIG blessings :) Hope your day (and your mama's) is full of magic, wonder and overflowing w love. XOXOXO, Heidi

  2. Off course you knew. That's the Provenance. This is the way that this is. Happy birthday ME!

  3. I love this. You have such a beautiful soul Diane. Happy birthday to your big girl.
    ---Jen Schrad

  4. I knew too!!!! She was my first born and every inch of my soul knew. My doctor told me it was first time mama anxiety. My God told me otherwise ♡

  5. Love this. So many similarities to my story with my daughter with DS. "A mama knows." Gabby was my 3rd daughter and although no testing was done, I had a feeling this baby was different. I just never gave it a name. She also came into the world on her terms. Happy birthday ME! I hope you had a wonderful day!