Writer's Block

The last time I wrote publicly it all got a "little" bigger than I expected.

But writing is such a joy to my heart.

So I am considering writing again.

I could use your encouragement.

Ironically, I am kind of scared.

We, my friends and I, made this blog so I could start again. But I just could not do it.

Even though I love to write.

It has sat for months, waiting for me to figure out if I have anything left to write about.

If you look closely at the tabs you will see it is not even close to being finished.

Uncertainty has prevented that.

But I wonder if that is perhaps the best way for me to start.

Start writing, then figure out the rest.

Any suggestions for my first "real" post?

I'd love to hear from you, what you would like to hear from me?

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6 Responses to “Writer's Block”

  1. This importance of inclusion both in the schools and community.

  2. Write about what you love and your passions. I don't know you but I do know the world of Ds and the joy I know have a child w/Ds. We all have a story so why not start at the beginning?

    I really shouldn't be giving advice. My writers block has been full-blown since March 2013 ;-)

  3. The "ups" of having a child with down syndrome.

  4. How about a post retelling the story of when you and the rest of your family met ME? It's a good starting point and would pull so many people in.

  5. Write about what's blocking your writing. ;)

    Seriously though, whenever I can't write it is usually because I WANT to write about one thing, but keep trying to write about another.

    Rock on, mama. <3

  6. But... If you're taking suggestions... I'd love a story about the beginning of your parenting journey. Not ME necessarily, but the very, very beginning. Because it seems like parenting is a long, windy story that doesn't start and stop with each child, you know? <3