What Does It Mean To Claim Whistle Blower Status?

It takes a lot of courage to share what you know is happening in the company you work for,  that is, maybe, doing something that is perhaps unethical. 

When you do that retribution may follow. 

Hopefully that’s not the case and instead of retribution a company acknowledges the wrong doing, and fixes the problem. 

Unfortunately that’s not always the case. 

Which is why Whistle Blower Status exists. 

Did you know there are laws against retribution to an employee for reporting wrong doing? 

My husband claimed whistle blower status over a year ago when he realized ME was not getting care that was included in his company plan. Care that would save her life. Care that the state of TN approved. 

It’s a horrific decision to make between saving your child’s life, and saving your job that helps you continue to live the life you’ve been living. 

John was terrified to claim Whistle Blower status a year ago. 

But he did it to save ME’s life. 

Thankfully there are laws to protect Whistle Blowers. 

Let’s look at what these laws look like. 

Here is the law in the state of TN: 


Employees should not be punished for doing what is right. 

Thankfully we have many witnesses who will gladly testify that ME was wrongly denied care. 

Since my husband reported this as a Whistle Blower he should have protection from retribution for reporting what he heard and saw. 

We will ultimately see if being a Whistle Blower destroys you, or if becoming a Whistle Blower creates the change that is needed by telling what you saw or heard. 

Our situation will either encourage people to tell what they see, or discourage people from reporting wrong doing. 

I hope it encourages people to report wrong doing… 

Time will tell… 

I’ll report here. 

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