We need your help! Memphis Storm Relief: The Gift of Water Project

UPDATE: The water restriction has been lifted! 

Watch this amazing video of Chris giving an update!! This is so awesome! Click this link to view! 


Many are unaware, however Memphis was also hit by a major snowstorm last week. 

Unfortunately, with that snow storm came issues with the water main line in the city of Memphis. 

So while families and businesses are still dealing with broken pipes, leaking roofs, and the havoc that is left behind in the aftermath, there is now a Boiled Water Advisory for the City of Memphis. 

Our family was personally affected by flash freeze storm when our pipes froze and burst, and at the same time, our roof leaked causing havoc in our house. Like many others in the Memphis and surrounding areas we have been chasing down the source of the flooding, and getting repairs set up

Step one of chasing down the leak.

We are fine, and we don't personally need any help.  Aside from having to turn off our water until they could find the break in our plumbing,  and of course now on to repairs, where we live, we are not affected by the Boiled Water Advisory. 

But many thousands of families in Memphis are, and need our help. 

My friend Chris wrote this post on FaceBook: 

Dr. Lexy and Chris are working day and night to get water here as quickly as possible. Families are in need of it right now. They are working with Community partners to pickup and deliver cases of water to the elderly, sick and individuals with our transportation. There is a limited supply of bottled water in the region so they are having it trucked in. The cost is $3/case or $270.00 a pallet. 

Here is where you come in. Please help me, help Chris and Dr. Lexy bring water to Memphis: 

Memphis Storm Relief: The Gift of Water Project
Asking as many businesses or individuals that would like to contribute to helping Memphis families with no potable water by purchasing 5,10, 15 or more $10 Gift Cards (Kroger or Walmart). 

Or: You can send your tax deductible donations to 
Cash App $ttgive
Zelle or Pay Pal 

Donations of all sizes are welcome! 

We hope you will help us help Memphis by donating to The Gift Of Water Project. The need is right now, so please consider either donating water or donating to the fund to purchase the water!

Thank you SO much to any and all for any help you can give now. 

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