One Door Shuts, Two Windows Open

You know the old saying, when one door shuts another door opens.

Recently, when ME had gotten so ill, my family and I made the very hard decision to shut down
The Dream Big Cafe.

Anyone who was a part of that decision with us knows we did not make this lightly, or quickly.

The cafe was like a second home to us.

We loved our customers, and we loved our mission.

The day we decided that it was best to shut it down completely, we also made the decision that while we were doing this, we were not quitting.

The DGBF board did not want to quit. Our family was not ready to quit running the business. So quitting was not an option.

Instead we would pivot.

And pivoting is what we have done!

Initially, we posted that we would remain open three days a week for Dreamers Gives Back Foundation training.

After much prayer, and hours of discussion, by many who are involved,  it became clear that this was also not something we could do right now.

ME's continued movement forward was, and is, our priority, and helping her continue to get there is paramount.

None of these decisions have come without a big dose of letting go, and being open to the powers that be to lead this, and letting life roll out the plan instead of us rolling it out.

The days and weeks since we made this decision have proven to show us that truly, when one door closes, another opens.

Or as my friend Rick said to me yesterday, when one door shuts, two windows open.

ME is moving forward in her healing. Which we are incredibly grateful for!!

This alone has been nothing short of a miracle.

The HOPE that we have experienced from witnessing ME's healing has been ointment on our souls.

It is with that forward hope that we have been able to put our energy into planning the Dream Big Cafe and Catering, and continue to grow the mission of Dreamers Gives Back Foundation.

We have continued to look for the open windows.

And the open windows have found us!

In ways that we never saw coming!

Currently, we have begun partnerships with local business's that are excited to partner with us, and help us grow our mission. So instead of keeping the cafe open for training, we will partner with the other businesses and offer our training program in their business.

We hope you follow along as we introduce these business's and share the role they will have in growing our programs!

One door did shut.

There is no doubt about it.

Thanks to the Memphis community, and surrounding areas, Collierville, Germantown, East Memphis, Cordova and Bartlett, another door opens.

No, my friend is right, one door shut, and windows opened!

And boy have they opened!

And we are incredibly grateful!

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