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Today marks a very significant day for me.

When I was a little girl, my dad used to say to me all the time, "Diane, one day you should write a book."

My confidence in this area was very low.

All my life I knew I had a difficult time learning.

My dad was particularly in tune to this, and I think he was focusing on what he could see I loved to do.

Writing was something I loved to do.

I am quite sure this is due to the fact that I could not hear my real voice my whole life.

Writing was how I learned to express myself, since I never learned to  understand true communication in my severely deaf world.

So, today, I begin a new "chapter" by creating an Author Page on Facebook.

I hope many will come on over and join me as I continue to share the things I was sharing on my personal page, and update you on my writing journey!

I can tell you this already, this is the best decision I have made to date, and I am enjoying every second of writing this book!

Dad, you were right!

I know you are in heaven with my first dad giving high fives to each other, and cheering me on!

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