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Diane Grover Author's Page

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Today marks a very significant day for me.

When I was a little girl, my dad used to say to me all the time, "Diane, one day you should write a book."

My confidence in this area was very low.

All my life I knew I had a difficult time learning.

My dad was particularly in tune to this, and I think he was focusing on what he could see I loved to do.

Writing was something I loved to do.

I am quite sure this is due to the fact that I could not hear my real voice my whole life.

Writing was how I learned to express myself, since I never learned to  understand true communication in my severely deaf world.

So, today, I begin a new "chapter" by creating an Author Page on Facebook.

I hope many will come on over and join me as I continue to share the things I was sharing on my personal page, and update you on my writing journey!

I can tell you this already, this is the best decision I have made to date, and I am enjoying every second of writing this book!

Dad, you were right!

I know you are in heaven with my first dad giving high fives to each other, and cheering me on!

Enjoying the Journey

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When someone tells me they are getting married, having a child, going through a move, starting a new job or any other new beginning, I will almost always say to them, "Do not forget to take time to enjoy the journey!"

With that said, I am taking my own advice  while I write my book, and I am taking time to enjoy the journey.

This process of writing a book has been absolutely amazing!

I have found so many lessons in writing this book, and so much I am excited to share with others.

While going through the journey that my family and I experienced was painful, and at times something all of us wondered if it would ever end, reflecting on it has not been painful.

It has actually been freeing.

I am enjoying the journey!

Again, thank you to each and every single one of you who have reached out and let us know that you support us and care about our family. It has meant more than you can ever know! I hope my book is everything you hope for, with lessons and opportunities for all of us to grow!

My IDSC Journey - The Book

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I asked the question and you answered. 

Yesterday I asked if I should continue blogging or write a book. 

Overwhelmingly people encouraged me to write a book. 

So I am going to do just that. 

I am actually very excited to do this. 

When I departed from the IDSC I knew that I needed to process the entire journey. 

I knew that I wanted to be sure that I did that in a healthy way. 

In order to do that in a healthy way I began counseling, (which I will share more about in my book.)

I share this now because one of the things my wonderful counselor told me is this: 

"One day, believe it or not, you will be able to understand this journey fully and when you do, you will and should write about it."

I told him I thought that would be impossible. 

I did not think it would be impossible because I did not know how to write. 

(Which I have my flaws. lol)  

I though that emotionally/mentally that would never be possible. 

Well, the impossible is happening and I am more than thrilled!

It is possible. 

Thanks to support from my incredible husband. 

Incredible family. 

Incredible friends. 

I have made the decision to write a book. 

So the next few months I am going to sit down and put "pen to paper" on my computer. 

(Not this one, a new one. This one has had way too many glitches over the years!) 

And I am going to write my story! 

I will share little stories about day to day on Facebook still.  Stories about MaryEllen. Daily life etc. 

But The Story I am going to write in a book. 

A portion of the proceeds I will be donating to an organization which I will announce in the book. 

The other portion will go to Dreamers Merchants Coffee Company which I will use to continue to hire individuals of all abilities in an inclusive environment! 

The new journey begins now!