Part One Of My IDSC Journey

Part One 

It all started in my living room. I was sitting with two very dear friends. Laurie and Alison. 

It was an innocent moment. 

We talked about a whole lot of things. 

We explored God in our lives. Our worries for our children. Our joys. 

It was one of many many conversations. 

These two women invited me into their hearts. And I gladly accepted the invitation. 

One day, I brought this up... I said , "I'm sad that so many doctors, family members, people push to end the life of a person with Down syndrome while a mother is pregnant.
I feel like the world needs to know this." 

And then I said the words that I can never take back... 

"I think I need to start an organization that talks about this issue." 

I'll never forget Alison's response. 


MaryEllen was stacking blocks in a stacking toy. 

She said, "It doesn't make sense. I see her playing here. I see a beautiful little girl." 

She saw MaryEllen. 

It was that simple. 

The three of us had many more conversations. 

Some included my journey. Some did not. That was the beauty of those moments. 

We were just three friends. 

Learning. Sharing our journey. And strengthening each other in the journey. 

While our kids played. 

One day, our conversation went toward the termination rate of babies with Down syndrome. 

We talked about the pressure doctor's put on parents to "make a decision". 

We discussed how society views Down syndrome. 

I had been blogging privately for a long time and shared how my blog posts were being read by more people than I imagined. 

I was scared and happy at the same time. 

And I told them I wanted to change the direction of my blog. 

I had made it about me. My reaction. 

I wanted to make it about MaryEllen. 

I wanted to tell the world that MaryEllen's life is perfect and precious. 

That no matter how many milestones she met, she is exactly the person the world needs! 

That every person's life is precious. 

I looked at both of them and said, "I need your help."

We need a name! 

I explained the process I had been going through. 

Many mama's had shared their input. 

One beautiful Texas mama said, "Call it a coalition. The world will know we are standing together." 

The next mama said, "I'm in Australia, please call it International!"

So we had two starting points. Actually three. Down syndrome was the prominent words. 

At that point, I asked Laurie and Alison, this, would you add For Life? 

Laurie is a women of few words. She said, "You can't not add that. It's the truth. You are discussing their whole life. Yes, For Life needs to be in there." 

Thus the beginning of the IDSC For Life. 

It was probably the scariest day of my life. And the day I've explained more times than any day of my life. 

Thank you Laurie and Alison for believing in my daughter, and in my message! 

You were the starting point. And I am forever grateful! 

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