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We Are Calling Out Kate Spade

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We are calling out Kate Spade, and along with her, we hope that Anna Kendrick will join us in the fun! Anna, ME loves your look! Now let's represent her!

Anna you definitely rocked this. No doubt about it. However we believe that there are more faces that could have supported your effort. We hope you agree. 
MaryEllen is not old enough for the designs by Kate Spade. It might seem premature that we would call them out to be a part of the #changingthefaceofbeauty campaign. We think otherwise. We chose Kate Spade, because we hope by the time ME would be interested in their products, they will be well on their way to including people of all abilities in their campaigns. We hope you will join us, as we join Katie Driscoll, in her #Changingthefaceofbeauty campaign!
Of course Anna should be the star of this campaign, but how cool would it have been if a person who represented the many people who have a disability, that are a large number of consumers, was part of this campaign? 

We love all of her campaigns, and follow her on #missadventure . However, we hope she will one day follow #lil_missadventure, ME! 
ME has a very similar style as Anna in her newest ad.  This little girl loves clothes! That will translate into a young woman who loves clothes, and she will be looking for people like her, to be in advertising. #katespadeny #missadventure  
Please join our #lil_missadventure in this effort.